Pre-owned Truck & Cargo Van Lease in Houston, Texas

Fleetworks of Houston, Inc specializes in getting customers customized financing for any of their commercial needs. Whether you’re a well-established corporation or a newly licensed sole proprietor we can assist anybody needing a loan for their business.

What we can do

Fleetworks of Houston, Inc can work with A-C credit customers along with startups. Anything below a 600 credit is a case by case scenario. This can be due to open bankruptcies, collections, slow pay, repos. With your A and B credit customers, we can get them rates as low as 4.2%.

Customers with light credit are just as bad as low credit. If a customer has light credit, the bank looks at it as they have low credit because they’ve never paid anything off. If someone has good history of auto payments or any other type of large installment loans (mortgages do not count, unfortunately), then they have a better chance of getting approved.

Adding someone to the deal

If the customer has light credit, then most likely we will still be able to get something done if we can add a strong signer.

Contact us today

Call our sales department today at (713) 909-7261 and our reps will introduce all lease plans available.