Pickup Truck or a Cargo Van – The Eternal Conundrum

No matter if you’re a small business owner, a hauling entrepreneur on his own, or the head of an established cargo business – the cargo van vs pickup truck debate is an enduring one. It is difficult to choose between the two established entities in these transportation-related businesses. Very difficult indeed.

And it’s not just difficult for people who deal in goods transportation and hauling. It is a mindboggling decision to make for all individuals who need to carry a lot of equipment to their site of business. Plumbers, contractors, AC installation and repair crews… They all need a spacious, reliable, and useful vehicle for their professional needs.

And, the two vehicle types stand above all others in this respect – the cargo van and the pickup truck. These two are your only viable options, and you would think that your work hasn’t been cut out for you. You may think that it’s as easy as doing a children’s rhyme and pointing a finger. But you probably do know better.

Not so long ago, the cargo van vs truck debate vas virtually nonexistent. The pickup truck was the vehicle of choice for many of the aforementioned individuals. You could simply go no other way than the large-wheels, open-cargo-at-the-back way. Now, however, it’s a somewhat different story.

In recent years, the cargo van has been making a huge breakthrough. More and more business owners opt for a new or used cargo van for all their needs.

Perhaps they haven yet become the go-to option, but they have certainly made their voice heard. And, for good reasons too! They are in no way inferior to the sweetheart pickup truck, but offer a different spectrum of capabilities.

So, in order to help you make an informed decision in your cargo van vs truck dilemma, we are going to list all the benefits of both vehicle types, so as to make your purchase process, hopefully, a lot easier. Read through our list, and see what’s what in the van vs truck battle of the commercial behemoths.

The Benefits of the Pickup Truck

So, as you can see, we won’t be doing the list in alphabetical order, as we begin by listing the numerous benefits the pickup truck brings to the table. We do this to show the preferred vehicle of the people the respect it deserves. After all, one has to acknowledge the immeasurable contribution pickup trucks have made to the people across the American continent. So, let’s see what it has to show for it.

It’s Easier to Use

When we say that the pickup truck is easier to use than the cargo van, we primarily mean that the open pickup bed is more suitable for different uses. The open bed offers much more versatility that the enclosed cargo space of the cargo van.

How? Imagine you are a plumber, always on the go, and that you often need to carry and transport long pipes in your vehicle. It would be a hassle to take them out of an enclosed space. With a pickup, all you have to do is stretch your arm a bit and take the pipe you need. No need to maneuver them about inside a sometimes quite tight, closed space.

It’s the same with many other professional needs. Sometimes, the cargo you are transporting is so heavy, that only a forklift can do the trick. Again, it is only possible to employ this kind of machinery if you own a pickup truck. The truck remains easier to use due to its open bed construction, and this will probably remain a perk in the pickup truck column forever.

It’s Economical

When you think about cargo van vs work truck, fuel economy is probably not the first thing you would think to attribute as a bonus to the pickup truck. However, you would be wrong to judge it quite so soon.

You see, although its big, imposing looks, and its menacing personality do suggest that the pickup truck is a massive gas guzzler, and you would be right comparing it to a diesel family saloon, it’s a different matter in the van vs truck consideration.

The pickup truck is more economical than the cargo van, and that’s a fact. This is especially true for the newer, more modern models. Cargo vans are heavier, and the older models were installed with less efficient fuel models. So, if you want to buy a used cargo van, and fuel economy is important, you’re better off with a used truck, especially if you plan on putting a lot of miles on your clock.

It Offers More Passenger Space

When it comes to ample room for passengers, the van vs truck battle is not a battle at all. Pickup trucks can be used as regular, even family vehicles, whereas cargo vans simply do not have that type of versatility. And the reason for that lies behind the way they are constructed.

Older pickup truck didn’t have that much room for passengers. They had one bench in the front, and an open-bed cargo area in the back. They did not begin their life as the most versatile vehicles around. However, big strides have been made in that respect for the pickup truck.

Most modern pickup truck are large monsters indeed. They have front seats, back seats, and quite a lot of room in between for normal, everyday use. Some would say that their cargo space is only an added benefit to an all-round excellent vehicle.

Where modern pickup trucks can seat four to five people without breaking a sweat, cargo vans sometimes struggle with three individuals. If you have a larger crew accompanying you on your missions, then you should definitely consider buying a new or used truck.

It can Tow More. A lot More!

They don’t call it a truck, albeit a pickup truck, for nothing. In their root, they are lean, mean towing machines to the bone, ant they are able to demonstrate it in every situation you throw their way.

The towing capabilities of the cargo van vs truck cannot really be justly compared. It’s just what the pickup truck was designed to do – tow objects of great weight without a hitch. And, if you opt for one of the heavy duty models, you can be sure that you will be able to pull a couple thousand pounds more than you with a cargo van.

Although this does sound like a big boon for the pickup truck, and it is, it doesn’t mean that the cargo van is a slow pony in this regard. Yes, it can’t tow as much as the pickup, but you have to bear in mind that it is not the primary intention behind the design of cargo vans. They serve a different purpose, while still being able to pull a certain weight.

It Can be Resold for More

If you are a type of person who often changes vehicles, constantly getting disinterested in one after some time, you really don’t have to wonder if you should buy a pickup truck or a cargo van at all. The fact of the matter is that, due to their popularity, pickup truck retain a higher resale value than cargo vans.

Although this is in no way true one hundred percent of the time, it is still a matter worth considering. Pickups truck are driven by people from all walks of life, and they do not serve just as commercial business vehicles.

On the other hand, cargo vans are used for business and business alone. OK, some people buy them in order to convert them into stylish homes on the road, but this is still a vast minority of people. The rest buy them with one idea in mind, and it’s for commercial purposes. So, it is only logical for pickup trucks to be sold more easily once you decide the time is right for a change.

It Can Go Off-Road

Finally, the last plus for the pickup in the van vs truck consideration is the capability of the pickup truck to go off-road. Really go off-road. Those big wheels and tires are not there for bling, they’re there to allow you to take your pickup wherever you want.

So, think about the job you plan on doing, and the locations you frequently visit. If you frequent off the beaten path often, than the pickup truck is a great option. It is more than able to chew the off-road miles you throw its way, and you mind will be at ease because of it.

The Benefits of the Commercial Cargo Van

Yes, we have sung the pickup truck’s praises for quite a while, and your mind is half-made to run to the nearest used truck dealership and get one of these bad boys for yourself. However, don’t jump the gun, wait a minute.

Yes, the pickup trucks are great vehicles for business, but so are cargo vans.

One is not better than the other in a linear way, but rather better for specific purposes. So, read on, and see if a cargo van is your ideal motorized comrade.

Its Cargo Area is Enclosed

With a pickup truck, you get an open cargo bed, which is great for certain professions, but not so great for other businesses. Sometimes, a person really does need a cargo area protected from the elements, and although most pickup trucks do offer the option of a bed cover, it isn’t the same. It lowers the usable cargo space, while being tricky to set up. If you need protection, you need a cargo van.

There are more perks to the van’s cargo area. Don’t think that because it’s enclosed, it’s also cramped. Far from it. The cargo area in vans is spacious and tall, and is perfect for hauling objects that have to be kept safe from bad weather. Have you ever seen a private moving company using any other vehicle than a van? We haven’t, and, probably, neither have you.

And, with an enclosed cargo area comes better safety of all the items stored and transported. An open bed can never offer such a degree of safety when it comes to the transportation of valuable objects. With a cargo van, you simply pop all the items in, lock it, and you’re good to go.

It Can be Customized

And we don’t mean blingy 19-inches with spinners. No. If you’re running a specialized business, if you use a lot of different tools, spare parts, and other stuff invaluable to your trade, you might often run into a problem of poor categorization and storage. If you simply toss all your equipment into the back of a pickup truck, chances are you are going to waste valuable time looking for the right tool when you need it.

This is a problem that can be fully eliminated if you go for a cargo van. Because the cargo area is enclosed, you can work your magic in it. You can customize it any way you like and create the perfect storage space for all your necessary knick-knacks. For example, you can fabricate custom-fit drawers, allowing you to easily store all your belongings, eliminating the hassle of looking for them all over again every single time. Sounds good to us!

It’s Extremely Drivable

Yes, pickup trucks can eat up gravel and dirt, always asking for more, and yes, they can surmount even the steepest of climbs, but when it comes to city driving, they are outmatched and outclassed. Van vs truck for city driving? It really is no contest, the cargo van rules supreme here!

Most vans have a small turning radius, making them the perfect vehicle for all inner-city transportation tasks. They can easily maneuver through tight city streets, making short work of every twist and turn. Plus, the driving position and the often short hood make it a lot easier for the driver to maintain adequate road vision. Simply put, commercial vans are vehicles safer and better equipped for city driving.

And, although you might not think it, cargo vans offer a smoother ride as well. Their suspension is more forgiving than that of the pickup truck, because they were built to be gentle to occasional fragile cargo. If it’s comfort you want, this round in the van vs truck bout goes to the cargo van.

It Has Advertising Space Galore

We are nearing the end of our, we hope, helpful guide through the van vs truck minefield, and it is time for us to give you the final, perhaps the most surprising advantage the cargo van holds over the pickup truck. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, we’re talking about advertising space.

Many people say that the bland, single-color exterior of cargo vans is what puts them off buying one in the first place. They say they would like their business vehicle to have a more imposing presence, to shout loudly to every person that passes by “Hey, this is an extension of my personality, how do you like it?”

But, few of them stop to think how those same bland and dull sides of a cargo van could become the perfect canvas for all their advertising purposes. Just go wild with it. Create a new logo, a new slogan, throw in a couple of blurbs, boast your Yelp rating, cite some satisfied customer quotes, draw a lightning, a storm, a raging volcano ready to burst with the essence of your premium professionalism. You can do whatever you want, and you can really make it pop. A moving commercial is the best kind of commercial, there for everybody who wants to take a look. Can it really get better than this?

The Decision

We’re sorry to say, but we can’t make this decision for you. We’ve provided knowledge, we’ve provided the hows and whys, and now it’s up to you to make a pro and con list, and make a choice. And, trust us, no choice is a bad choice when it comes to the van vs truck dilemma. There is only the right choice for you.

Consider the nature of your business first, then compare it with our list of cargo van and pickup truck benefits, and see where that leaves you. If you need to visit remote places, if your crew is a couple of men strong, if you tow heavy objects on a daily basis, and if you want to be able to make a few bucks when you decide to sell it, then buy a pickup truck.

If, on the other hand, you often haul precious cargo that has to be protected from the elements, if you want the ability to organize your cargo area per your needs, and if you want to navigate the maze of city streets with ease while flaunting your business to the passers-by, then purchase a cargo van. We have no other advice to give except to sit, think thoroughly, and decide. That way, you cannot go wrong!

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