Local Fleet Vehicle Dealership in Houston, TX


Fleetworks of Houston Inc. is a family-owned company that sells used fleet vehicles – cargo vans, pickup trucks, and passenger vans. We are focused on sales, but at our dealership, you can rent cargo van and truck for one day or month.

Why do you need to consider Fleetworks of Houston Inc. as your first choice when it comes to pre-owned commercial and fleet vans and trucks?

EXPERIENCE – with so many years in the automotive industry we have some unique knowledge and experience that combined mean just one – perfect commercial vehicle for the customer. We know your needs. Tell us your vocation and budget, and we’ll do the rest.

HUGE INVENTORY – and we mean HUGE! If you want a specific vehicle that currently is not in our parking lot – no problem! We’ll provide in a few hours. We stock “like-new” cargo vans from Mercedes-Benz, RAM, Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Nissan. Same stands for pickup trucks, passenger vans, and wheelchair accessible vehicles. All vehicles are pre-owned, they are in perfect condition and before making a purchase you can inspect a vehicle with your mechanic.

UPFITS & CUSTOMIZATION – To make your job easier we provide customization and tradesman upfits. Install cargo van shelving, van dividers and partitions, storage bins, drawers, truck box organizers, bed tool boxes, ladder racks, and other cargo van equipment and truck accessories from the best market’s brands – DECKED, RazerLift, and Ranger Design.

SERVICE – For our mechanics, there is no commercial vehicle out there that has secret. We are passioned about our job and most important we are ASE certified. What does this mean for our customers? No downtime in work process because of mechanical failures or faulty maintenance.

FINANCING - The last on the list but equally important as abovementioned. We want to help all small business owners and tradesman in Houston, TX to buy reliable work vehicle and extend their fleet. For that reason, we tailored custom financing plans that will help you get the vehicle of your dreams. We work together with so many banks and credit unions to make sure you get the financing you deserve. Please take a few minutes, call our phone (713) 909-7261 and check available options with our financing specialist. We promise you won’t be disappointed.